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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

17th GLOSSY IBIS for Scilly

 GLOSSY IBIS on St Mary's

  Yesterday, Higgo asked me if I wanted to go and have a look at Tresco? I should of had gone with him. While standing at New Grimbsy at 15.00, he observed Scillies 17th GLOSSY IBIS going SEE low, following Tresco Channel before heading towards Tresco Great Pool, where he lost it. At 16.30, Tom Scott was watching it for 15 minutes around Porth Hellick on St Mary's. This is presumed to be the same bird that was seen at St Just earlier on the same day in Cornwall.
  Today I returned back to work after Christmas and throughout the day I got calls from everyone about the where abouts the Ibis was on St Mary's. After it being seen flying all over the shop, just before 16.00, Joe Pender watched it come into Shooters Pool and here it was seen by all. Myself, I didn't connect with it until 17.45 and got cracking views as it continued to feed until it was dark. 2 Woodcock also flew overhead. I like to thank both Ritchie and Tony for calling me every second about the ibis. They seemed to be at the right place at the right time when ever it was spotted.

I reckon that there will be a lot more records of Glossy Ibis coming from Scilly in the near future.

Out of the 6 records all on Tresco between 1858-1932, 5 of them were shot.
1940 18th-31st October, Tresco, 7 were present on Great Pool.
1978 19th August-17th September, Tresco, An immature was on the Great Pool.
1994 A juvenile was seen flying over Samson towards Bryher, 23rd September. Later that evening, independently, Ren Hathway picked it up from the direction of St Marys and coming into roost with Little Egrets on Tresco Abbey Pool. It stayed on Tresco to the 27th, when it was observed to fly off high NE and later that afternoon was in Cornwall.
1996 Bryan Thomas and Tommy Bird found a first year on the Shooters Pool, 16th May. Later again, Ren independently discovered it on Tresco Great Pool. Here it was present til the 12th June.

This was taken just before 17.00 and it came out pretty well

 GLOSSY IBIS at Shooters Pool The bird was wearing a metal ring on the right leg and a coloured plastic ring with the letters 02H9 on the left leg. Joe  Pender

   Before all this happened at mid-afternoon I got a call from Martin telling me that Tim, the postman, had seen the Glossy Ibis flying around Bourough Farm. I had only 10 minutes and checked the Maypole fields. A 'phyllosc' warbler popped up in front of me and I was surprised to see that it was a Willow Warbler! It had a ring on it, so maybe one of Jim's birds that he ringed at Porth Hellick in mid-November. It was the latest Willow Warbler that I've ever seen.

I got a bit of a shock when this Willow Warbler popped up in front of me at Marpole!

The family of 4 Raven were having a great time in the gale force NW on The Strand

I asked the guys to save me some dinner at work and this is what I came back to after seeing the Ibis. I think they went over top with onion gravy! When I finished scuffing this large potion down me neck, I went straight on to me seconds.

  Yesterday I had a look at Lower Moors and saw the DUSKY WARBLER briefly and heard the Yellow-browed Warbler. A single Goldcrest, 7-8 Chiffchaff and 3 Redwing were also present.

Have a listen to this amazing peace of music. I've been listening to 'The Thrill Has Gone Live' B B King for hours and I just can't get enough of it!

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