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Thursday, 18 October 2018

'Eastern' Lesser Whitethroat at Lower Moors

The possible EASTERN YELLOW WAGTAIL was still showing well at the airfield yesterday while the Tresco individual was last seen on the 14th 

  My plan this morning was to twitch the GREY-CHEEKED THRUSH found by Graham Gordon and Laurence Pitcher yesterday in the late afternoon at Cove Vean, St Agnes. However, it had not been seen by 10.00 and I decided to stay and work with birding now and then when I could. There was a small arrival on the easterlies of winter thrushes overnight. The largest counts were 40+ Fieldfare and Redwing and mixed in with them at Pelistry were 3 continental Song Thrush. Nearby at the stables were 3 Black Redstart and a single Wheatear with 4 Skylark overhead. At the airport I was watching 2 Black Redstart when James Lidster stepped off the plane and later in the afternoon he joined me at Standing Stones Field after I found an 'Eastern' Lesser Whitethroat. However, the whitethroat proved to be elusive and we didn't get any features or call to help us identify to which race it was. There were also 3 Yellow-browed Warbler, 1 Brambling, 1 Yellow wagtail and now 7 Reed Bunting.  I returned later in the evening with Ritchie Aston and saw the Lesser Whitethroat on and off but always hard to observe. Jim joined us just as we were gonna leave for the Red-breasted Merganser in Old Town Bay but stayed in the field as it flew off.

  Later in the day, when everyone had left St Agnes after dipping on the Grey-cheeked Thrush, it was sen again behind the boatshed at Cove Vean twice but very briefly.

The 'Eastern' Lesser Whitethroat proving hard to get at the Standing Stones Field, Lower Moors

There were also 3 Yellow-browed Warbler in the area

And a personal record on Scilly of 7 Reed Bunting

This Wheatear was with 3 Black Redstart at the riding stables

 Yesterday morning I was at the airport with taxis and got the possible Eastern Yellow Wagtail with another interesting flava wagtail. Also feeding with the wagtails were 11 Skylark and 30+alba wagtail. A Sparrowhawk, Kestrel and the female Merlin put them up a few times.
  Shortly afterwards I was walking through the Rose Hill fields and saw my first Common Rosefinch only to watch it fly low into the fields behind Porthloo Duckpond. I also had a total of up to 8 Yellow-browed Warbler including 3 in the Rose Hill area and singles later on at Trenowth, Holy Vale, airport end of Lower Moors and 2 at Old Town end of Lower Moors. At Pelistry I had up to 5 Black Redstart with the single Redstart with a single of the latter species on Old Town Beach with 2 Black Redstart.

Another interesting flava wagtail at the airfield

The possible EASTERN YELLOW WAGTAIL was only present in the morning on the airfield

Blown up photo showing the curved long hind claw of the poss EYW

There were a mix of White and Pied Wagtail feeding the 2 flava wagtail

Also 30+Meadow Pipit

And 11 Skylark

Everything splits when she comes through

There were up to 5 Black Redstart and the Redstart at the riding stables

2 of the 8 Yellow-browed Warbler that I saw. 

There were 15+Chiffchaff at Trenowth with 12 Blackcap

I saw this band live in California at Hotel Cafe but it was a small venue of 200 and he played his 12 stringer instead. Amazing gig!!

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