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Saturday, 22 September 2018

Grey Phalarope at Lower Moors

1st winter Grey Phalarope giving crippling views from the ISBG Hide at Lower Moors 

  Rain and fog all day and I managed to get the last hour or so of daylight after work. The Citrine Wagtail was still at Porth Hellick and at the golf course there 14 Wheatear, 2 Whimbrel and my only one of the year so far, a single Ruff.

  Single Grey Phalarope were blown into the St agnes Big pool and Tresco Great Pool where there were also the 2 Pectoral Sandpiper. The Scillonian crossing from Penzance to Scilly, Rik Addison observed 120+Great, 2 Cory's, 40+Sooty and 2 Mediterranean Shearwater, 6 Storm Petrel and five miles out from Scilly, summer plumage Red-throated Diver.

This juvenile Citrine Wagtail has graced Porth Hellick for eight days now

My only Ruff so far this year was this evening on the golf course in the fog

I had up to 14 Wheatear on the golf course.

  Yesterday morning, Andrew Gardener got off the plane, dropped his stuff off at his digs, went for a run around the island, watched Batman, did the crossword, had cheese on toast, built the Blackpool Tower out of matchsticks, played Mozart Requiem on a penny whistle and then made his ways to Lower Moors where he found a very confiding 1st winter Grey Phalarope! Anyways, it was some 30 minutes later that I had a ten minute break from work and joined the crowd in the ISBG Hide from where the phalarope was showing at point blank range at times in the bright light. As the wader was still present at 18.00, when I had finished working, I had a quick look at it again before dark. Oh, I forgot, Andrew also put Worcester sauce on his cheese and toast. Believe me it gives it a better taste.
  Another 4 Grey Phalarope passed Broweth, St Agnes with a single between Gugh and St Mary's. With the gale force SW I guess it was no surprise that Grey Phals would turn up but on St Martins, Viv Jackson scored with a 2nd winter Laughing Gull. Also another Pectoral Sandpiper arrived and joined up with the other 2 individuals that were already present on Tresco Great Poll with the Baird's Sandpiper still present on the Abbey Pool nearby.

What a bird!! 1sr winter Grey Phalarope showing superbly on the scrape at Lower Moors. Today, there were single Grey Phalarope on Tresco Great pool and St Agnes Big Pool

  Two days ago there were gale force SW and a Scilly record count of 2510 Great Shearwater in four hours in the afternoon passed Horse Point, St Agnes. This also included 110 seen in the morning. In the four hours, including the Greats, there were also 2 Cory's, 60 Sooty, and 2500 Manx Shearwater. On St Mary's in the early afternoon in two hours, 60+Great, 10+Sooty Shearwater, 2 Bonxie and 1 Arctic Skua and a single Arctic Tern passed Peninnis.

On the 13th, Bobby 'dazzler' Dawson trapped this 5th Scilly Portland Ribbon Wave at Church Road. It was a new species for me and a few others who saw it. 

Looking over Scilly from 30,000 ft on June 27t of this year

In their home country of Belgium and neighbouring France they are cult figures. Lay Down Your Blade The title track is a hauntingly simple ballad of disarming, almost naïve beauty -- pure emotion. This is how pop music should sound! The second track What Baby could also be described as pop in the very best sense -- with catchy synth arrangements and Joy Adegoke's somewhat wistful, soul-inspired vocals, however, it has a much edgier feel than the opener.
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