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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Unusual species seen for this time of year!

These included Coal Tit2 Lapwing, Black Redstart, Lesser Redpoll and this Common Gull that I had yesterday on Tresco. Also yesterday on the latter island, I saw a female Pintail and the Merlin that has decided to summer on Scilly! Also summering, that I've seen on and off at work throughout june, is a Jackdaw. 

 Yesterday I found myself on Tresco and in the hot sun, birds of note included, 2 Little Egret, 3 Swift, Common Sandpiper, Buzzard, single Pintail and Pochard, Mediterranean and Common Gull. On Castle Down there were a family of 5 Ringed Plover and the summering Merlin put an appearance and was later seen on St Mary's. Up to 30 Black-headed Gull were on the Abbey Pool and with no mud exposed, a Black-tailed Godwit flew through but shortly afterwards I relocated it on South Beach. I also had an Emperor Dragonfly on the Great Pool and nearby, a first for me, a migrant Helophilus trivitatus Hoverfly.

No surprise to see this Black-tailed Godwit on Tresco

No sign of last months male Pintail but I did have this female on the Great Pool. As there had been no report of a female up until now, is it possible that there might of been attemped breeding on Tresco? 

What I wasn't exspecting to see was this 1st summer Common Gull here with a 1st summer Mediterranean Gull at Pentle Bay.

There were also some 30 Black-headed Gull including 12 juveniles


Meadow Pipit


By the woodpile, a pair of Stonechat were busy feeding young

At the end of June, an unusual record for this time of year were an adult and juvenile Lapwing at Porth Hellick where today both birds showed well in front of the hides. There were also 3 Greenshank and singles of Common and Green Sandpiper Later on at Morning Point, I had an adult and 2 different 1st summer Mediterranean Gull from the individual I had on Tresco before. There maybe up to 6 different Mediterranean Gull on Scilly at the moment.

Moorhen have bred in good numbers on Porth Hellick

A Swallow collecting mud to reinforce it's nest.

   Highlights in the last three weeks of June included a Coal Tit seen by Nigel Bray at Trenowth, 29th,  Honey Buzzard seen by Bobby 'Dazzler' Dawson over town and later seen by other observers, 27th, and the Red Kite was last seen over Content, 23rd. Joe Penders Paligics produced single Wilson's Petrel, 14th and 18th.
  On the 1st July the highest number of 9 Emperor Dragonflies were recorded on Scilly. Ritchie Aston had four at Porth Helick and I had five at Lower Moors.

This cracking flight shot by Joe Pender of a juvenile Yellow-legged Gull was also seen out on one of Joe's Pelagics, 27th.

This is 'Sandy' the juvenile House Sparrow. First spotted by Joe Pender in his garden and then later it moved down road to Big Al's garden. I took these shots next door in the Catholic church garden

And look at 'Dave' who follows me home or just waits for me to return from doin a taxi!

  Imad, who works with Birdlife International and I spent a lot of time with in Palestine, March just gone, posted this video of one of his closet friends home being demolished by the Israeli Government yesterday!! You visit Israel you help fund all this and children as young as 6 to 17 years old being put in gages or prison or killed in cold blood for throwing a stone!! Lets repeat that, children killed for throwing a stone!! You got no way of getting away from this. You might not be aware but you visit Israel you help fund all this. One day a family is trying to get by in all the conflict surrounding them and then you discover that your the next target out of thousands that have already been demolished and like 100,000s of other Palestinians, your left homeless! Imagine yourself coming back to no home because a state 'the oppressor' decided to bring it to the ground! If your thinking of visiting Israel or making another visit, please watch this footage and question yourself and think what you are supporting by goin to the state of Israel? 

If your thinking of visiting Israel or making another visit, please watch this footage and question yourself and think what you are supporting by goin to this aparthied state as Mandela grandson called it? He also said that the aparthied Israel is worse than it ever was in aparthied South Africa!

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