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Wednesday, 18 April 2018


Male BELTED KINGFISHER flying over Lower Moors Cracking photo by Martin Adams

  Robin called me just after 12.15 'Do you know anything about the BELTED KINGFISHER at Porth Hellick!?' I had no idea what he was talking about! Then Joe Pender called asking the same question. On WhatsApp, Cliff Smith wrote 'Belted Kingfisher!!! WTF! I rushed to my pager that I had left in the car while I was waiting for a flight at the airport. When I looked at the pager it read that it had flown over Porth Hellick towards Carn Friars! Shite! I had no chance of seeing until I finish work after 18.00 unless it ends up at Old Town Bay or somewhere next to a road. Joe Pender relocated it on rocks in Porth Hellick Bay before flying towards Giants Castle and Will Wagstaff heard it shortly afterwards at Porth Minnick where he also had a Hawfinch.
  After this, it was seen by single observers at Lower Moors before ending back at Porth Hellick Bay on the east side shortly after 18.00. I picked up Graham at Parting Carn, where he had just had a Hawfinch, and we made our ways to hopefully see the danm thing! Although Graham had seen it earlier with everyone else. On the boulders below Porth Hellick Down is where I connected with it with my naked eye very briefly at about 50 yards away before flying off low east. Graham and I followed it until we observed it fishing off Deep Point Quarry. It was showing well but distant and in the ten minutes we observed it, it caught a large fish that it battered against the boulder before flying over the down west towards Porth Hellick. In all this time my mobile had died and Graham couldn't get any reception. A quick search at Porth Hellick and no sign and we all missed Martin Goodey's Night Heron flying over towards Salkee. With no sign of the kingfisher at Porth Hellick, five us had a look at Newford where Graham got us onto it flying away high NE towards Innisidgen and as far as we are aware this was the last sighting of the day!

  While this was going on Viv Jackson let us know that his 1st winter Laughing Gull he found yesterday was still showing well on the seaweed at Lower Town. It was also seen feeding on the lawn of the hotel.
  The male Woodchat Shrike was also still on St Agnes

First sighting of the kingfisher that I got as it flew off at Porth Hellick Down

Fishing off Deep Point Quarry

Male BELTED KINGFISHER flying away from Graham Gordon and I over the down from Deep Point towards Porth Hellick this evening!!!

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