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Sunday, 18 June 2017

Bolivian Salt Flats Tour 1

Anna crossing the worlds largest salt flat to go and look for some pepper at 11,000-sq-km in Salar de Uyuni, Southwest Bolivia! 

  Continuing the road trip in March in South America, we left Copacabana and made the ten hour overnight road trip with Bolivian Hop Bus to Lapaz. The following morning, with the same bus company, as you could have a discount, we booked a three day tour to visit the Salar de Uyuni salt flats in southwest Bolivia. That night we hopped onto another bus and again made an overnight drive arriving at Uyuni at 05.30! We were both very tired after continues traveling and it wasn't until 07.00 that the tour company picked us up from the bus stop with all our luggage!
  An hour later we in a 4x4 with five other folks including the driver and tour leader. Our first stop was a train cemetery, ten minutes out on the outskirts of town. We didn't really take to this because there were people everywhere walking around or on the trains with music blasting out from kids, topples, shades, caps on backwards and shouting as though everyone else is deaf! It did really feel like you were at an amusement park.


The area of the train cemetery that was so crowded that these were all the photos I could take without anyone being in the image! Believe me, it wasn't that exciting and after ten minutes we were ready to leave!

Puna Yellowfinch
 Our next stop was the reason why we came on this tour to see the largest salt flats in the world! One minute your on a dirt track and the next your traveling over the flats that seemed to end over the horizon! The sun was burning down and we spent most of the time out of the 4x4 on the flats taking photos. As you would expect there were lots of folks doing what we were doin or were we doin what they were doin? Including lunch we spent a good two hours in this area before moving on. I let the photos do you talking..

The number 1 ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard is called 'KRIS!' I had it with every meal including on my crisps although I got told off when I squirted it into the drivers eye while we were driving at night! It wasn't my fault. I asked for cheese onion and they gave me a block of cheese and a slice of onion! All they did have was salt and vinegar crisp and don't like the taste. So I put more ketchup on each crisp to get a better taste. It worked until the light inside didn't work no longer and I put the bloody mustard on instead! It a good job that didn't squirt in the drivers eye!

Having lunch

We had a bit fun with the camera on the flats

Anna found her Russian Federation flag

And I had the right T-shirt on in support of Palestine!

It's another from Mark Lanegan this time with Martinas Topley-bird Martina Gillian Topley-Bird (born Martina Gillian Topley; 7 May 1975)[1] is an English vocalist, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who first gained fame as the featured female vocalist on trip hop pioneer Tricky's debut album, Maxinquaye (1995). She also worked with him on his subsequent albums Nearly God and Pre-Millennium Tension (1996). In 2003, Topley-Bird released her debut solo album, Quixotic, which was critically praised and earned her a Mercury Prize nomination.
This was followed by Anything (2004), The Blue God (2008), and Some Place Simple (2010). She has also collaborated with Gorillaz, appearing on their album Demon Days (2005), as well as with Mark LaneganDiplo, and Massive Attack on Heligoland (2010), which she followed by a world tour with the group. Her work has been sampled by such artists as Stephen Marley, Berry Weight, and The Weeknd.

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