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Friday, 3 February 2017

Glaucous Gull at Telford Crematorium

My visit to Telford Crematorium this year and the first bird I almost look at is this juvenile Glaucous Gull 

  Just retutrned from a short break in Latvia and Estonia and this morning I made my ways just up road to Cranmere Bog for the 6 Tundra Bean and 5 white-fronted Geese that were seen yesterday. Nothing! So returning home I stopped off at the Telford Crematorium to check the gulls out and was rewarded with a juvenile Glaucous Gull! It stuck around for ten minutes before flying off with other gulls, including 6 Great-black backed Gull, to the tip nearby.

Flying off towards the tip

Middle Pool hosted this Cormorant and 20 Gooseander. Just across the road there were another 7 Gooseander and 15 Shoveler at Trench Pool

This Buzzard was in the center of Shrewbury while I was looking for a flock of Waxwing in the area

Anna and I had a great time in Riga, Latvia and then the four hour drive to Tallinn, Estonia where we spent most of our time in the old city. 

A homeless man begging in Riga, Latvia

Really liked the old city of Tallinn, Estonia

In 2000, Mathieu Hocine started his project "Kid Francescoli". He was soon joined by Laetitia Abello (vocals), David Borras (keyboards) and Olivier Scalia (bass). They played their first gigs in 2004. Behind the omnipresent melody, Kid Francescoli offers intimate lyrics in English and Italian, many dealing with young men's angst and the dreams of a girl at the dawn of her thirtieth birthday. The music, with its tenacious refrains and its heartfelt instrumentals, shows the inspiration of Air and Grandaddy. At the same time, Italian acts like Cinecitta Ennio Morricone's sound tracks are an obvious influence for this group from Marseilles. After showing promise as a live act, especially during the Marsatac 2005 festival, the group launched their first national tour (Paris, Marseilles, Bordeaux, Rennes, Nice) in May 2006, sharing the stage with artists such Sebastien Schuller or Troy Von Balthazar.

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