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Friday, 8 January 2016

Exotic in Amsterdam!

I had this Jackdaw just outside the hotel showing characteristics of 'Nordic Jackdaw'  

 Well I've been stuck in Amsterdam, because of the weather, staying in a 5 star hotel (all payed for by KLM including three meals and drink) and in the grounds nearby this morning I bumped into a jackdaw with a prominent pale neck collar. Compared to the other Jackdaws it was feeding with, the grey on the head was also a lot paler. I continued into a nearby wood and the first bird I hear is Ring-necked Parakeet. I had 6 altogether and a total of 42 species including cracking flight views of a female Goshawk. Now I've got to catch my connection that I should of been on yesterday for my journey on wards or if the weather is still grim, back wards.

Near De Amstel Veense

The wood where I walked in was full of Great-spotted Woodpecker


Notice the difference in the grey on the head in the two birds.

Also had this scuffy indervidual

I had 6 of these exotic Ring-necked Parakeet 

There were small group of Siskin in the area

While eating my dinner in the sports bar of the hotel, they were showing the documentary of the former England Manager, Graham Taylor. For some reason, the volume was turned up when Koeman, who should of been sent off, scored from that free kick. 

  Two days ago, Jim and I couldn't resist another visit to the Seven floods. at Edgerly we found the whooper swan with ease this time. there were only 34 present, but that soon changed to 31 when 3 flew off. Also in the area there were still a lot of ducks and with them were 12 Shelduck, 7 Tufted Duck, 2 male Pochard and a pair of Gadwall. A low flying helicopter put every up and that turned out to be to our advantage. The ducks immediately returned and it was an ideal time to count the Pintail before they disappeared behind hedges. When we arrived we thought that there were not many Pintail on the floods. However, there were a grand total of 1600+Pintail! The three visits that I've made here in the last week have resulted in me smashing the Shropshire record of Pintail each time on each visit!

Whooper Swan feeding with Mute swan

Of the 34 Whooper Swan on the Edgerly floods, three of the swans flew off to feed somewhere else.

A familiar sight on the roads in the Melverly/Edgerly area

When Kristofferson introduced the late Goodman to Dylan, Dylan wanted to record with him immediately, Dylan played piano and Kristofferson produced and played on Goodmans debut album. Kris also got the best cats in town, including Billy Sanford, Elvis and Roy Orbison's lead guitarist to 'Pretty Woman' Goodman also wrote 'city of new Orleans' This footage he's in concert at Austin City Limits.

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