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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

100's of Silver Y's hit Scilly

This male Ruddy Shelduck was first spotted by Paul semmens at Lower Moors. Today it was almost being fed at the airport.

Last week 100's, maybe 1000's of Silver Y's hit Scilly. Just a 2 minute walk from Star Castle to the Coop in town, saw over 200 moths feeding with 60+together!Here on this pic you can count at least 8. Mike Hicks observed the moths moving across the water from his boat while off St Agnes.
Also in the last week, a few Hummingbird Hawkmoths are starting to appear and I took this pic today at work 

From top Swallow, Dunnock and a male linnet all on the Garrison. Over 2 weeks ago I had a singing Lesser Whitethroat at the campsite shop
On the weekend, Elle and I went camping on Bryher and this was the view from our tent. Looking over towards Castle Down, Tresco. The following day, it rained heavy throughout and the only bird of note, was a Hobby that passed the site a few times. 

The locals our very friendly
The ducks knew that rain was on it's way 
And this duck is in the same league as the ones above
As the weather was so bad on Bryher, not a single soul came over on the tripper boats and as a result we shared a special rib with other locals.  

Looking from Rushy Bay Elmarie Humphries

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