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Friday, 27 July 2012

1st breeding Siskins for Scilly!

There have been 2 adult Mediterranean Gull at Porthloo in the last few days Robin Mawer

  Still damn quiet! However, with August now just around the corner, it should get better. With work so busy, I just can't get out in the field. There has been a small arrival of Crossbill with 2 first seen at Innisidgen, 23rd, followed a few days later with 5, Longstones and 9, Garrison. Bob Dawson had a Scilly record of 32 Common Sandpiper on St Agnes, including 17 together, 21st. I had a single on that day at the quay and a Green Sandpiper over town, 24th. There's been 2 adult Mediterranean Gull at Porthloo most morning and a very unusual record for July were 9 Lapwing circling the airfield, 21st. Also, 2 male Redpoll were trapped at Porth Hellick.

Juvenile Siskin feeding in gardens at Mcfarlands Down. Bob Dawson has told me that at least 2 pairs of Siskin have succesfully bred in pines in the Innisidgen area for the first time on Scilly Martin Goodey

Up to 28 Storm Petrel were trapped overnight at Deep Point, 27th Martin Goodey

Hobby at Innesidgen Robin Mawer

female Four-spotted Footman

Peach Blossom

Paul Whittacker and Joe Pender tagging a Blue Shark. In the last week there has been good numbers of these sharks tagged and released, including 8 on a trip with Mark Right, 27th. Also there have been at least 5+sightings of Leatherback Turtles in Scillanoan waters.

Beautiful track by the great Townes Vans Zandt 'Kathleen'

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  1. Hi Spider good song. Got a great version by the Tindersticks. Check it out. Didn't realise this was the original. Fingers crossed for Crossbills this week. Cheers Paul